Speech by His Excellency Faure Gnassingbé Eyadema,December 11,2008 at the Convention of Lome

Excellency Prime Minister

Excellency the President of the National Assembly,

President of the Pan African Conference Cooperative

Mr Representative of the President of the International Labour Office

Dear members of the Government,

Honourable Members,

Presidents of the institutions of the Republic,

The Representatives of the Diplomatic Corps and International Organizations,

Members of the senior officers,

Members of the Managing Directors and Heads of Service,

Venerable Traditional Chiefs, ladies and gentlemen and friends,

Africa is marked for over twenty years by the expansion of poverty and faced a multidimensional crisis: food crisis, social, economic, financial. This multidimensional crisis and this poverty, occur every day despite all the financial assistance programs, material and humanitarian international community and despite the tireless efforts of our countries.

This is characterized on the one hand, by increasing insecurity and a high concentration of the labor market and, secondly, by the character more informal employment and high unemployment rates. The employment problem has become therefore a major concern for both people and governments. Our country Togo, is no exception to this harsh reality.

Because employment is fundamental in the fight against poverty and social exclusion, the development of a strategy is needed to create a favorable environment on the institutional and economic plans for the improvement of living conditions of our people. Thus, the qualitative and quantitative expansion of employment opportunities to provide young people in different sectors through training, through the availability of resources. The promotion and development in employment-intensive sectors carries real growth. It is this fact which gives the government strategy policy for poverty reduction.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear guests

Achieving this ambition it to provide the means. And resources available to our country is to be able to develop cooperative entrepreneurship and create decent jobs. However, it must be admitted, the lack of political and inappropriate texts of laws, constitute a serious handicap to the development of cooperative enterprises.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is very pleased to see that through the ten-year action plan to fight against poverty through cooperative entrepreneurship in Africa, the Pan African Conference Co mobilizes more searching for alternative strategies and new ways of economic and social development more inclusive. He is also happy to see his proclaimed ambition and open to all countries of the continent and to acquire a bank and an African cooperative university.

I take the opportunity of this meeting to express my thanks to the International Labour Office, which has always been on the side of the cooperative African conference in the process of developing cooperative policies and legislation in African countries and contribute to the success of the present sitting.

I would like to congratulate all African co particularly Togolese cooperators for their courage and determination to push forward the cooperative renewal. Thus, the definition and implementation of policy and institutional support, will be the very first vectors to promote the spirit of cooperative enterprise.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to express my gratitude to the highest authorities of the Pan African Conference on Cooperatives, having returned to the cooperative movement development process with courage and friendship for the people of Togo. I am convinced that together we can chart a course that will make Togo a more cohesive society.

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests,

If you have to share the wealth, we must also be aware that you can not redistribute wealth we have not yet created. Among the conditions that make possible the creation, there is rigor and innovation, but also promote our values ​​of compassion and solidarity. We see how it is difficult the task before us. How to reconcile the imperatives of boosting growth and fiscal consolidation with the consideration of human, often painful. The balancing act will result from a genuine harmonization of the couple rigor-humanism as a daily exercise.

Ladies and gentlemen,

So we have together set ourselves the goal of combining commitments as different and sometimes contradictory solidarity with the imperatives of economic development, democratic management with efficiency, accountability of the individual with community intervention and development of man.

You will agree with me that the biggest challenges we face is to restore meaning to collective action, to reconnect with the promotion of the common good for the benefit of our communities who need a Dynamic cooperative sector and inventive in the climate of globalization we bathe.

I invite you to enjoy the stabilizing factor and insurance that are cooperativism which carries with it the values ​​that can inspire and powerfully contribute to the response of the needs that the government can not meet him alone.

Determination, long-term vision should be part of our qualities. Rooted in time, cooperatives are also in space, because their purpose and their action interweave in Togolese society as to blend in, they will crisscross our territory and ensure full occupancy .

Ladies and gentlemen,

Finally, I would like on behalf of the Togolese people, its government and myself, thank highest CPC authorities for having trusted the former Prime Minister KwassiKlutsé by designating it as Chairman of the Board of Administration of the CPC and doing me the honor of appointing me godfather of the movement.

I believe that it is an honor that is made to the entire Togolese people and our responsibility in three years will be.

Finally, I would like, when we officially launch the Togolese cooperative movement, suggest that this day is selected as the cooperative day Togo.

Thank you.